All Rounder Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Squeaky Gate

The secret to being an all-rounder is having enough character to make an impression without coming on too strong. A medium intensity blend, this fruity classic is perfect for pastas, white meat and salads.

Its fresh, cut green grass scent has a hint of tomatoes and a moderate peppery finish. Start a sauce or finish a dish with this easy-going favourite.

All Rounder Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Size 750ml

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Squeaky Gate

Squeaky Gate

Squeaky Gate is a new brand of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Squeaky Gate represents a range of high quality olive oils, produced locally, from olives sourced from Australian growers. The brand includes three different Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the range to offer consumers an oil which meets their everyday needs.


Fresh, natural and flavoursome, from Aussie farms. The name Squeaky Gate reflects Australian character - in manner, attitude and behaviour, and with a relaxed attitude to food (but rightly demanding good quality). Squeaky Gate believes that food is best enjoyed as one of the simple pleasures of life.


Australian olive oil is marvellous stuff. Food is about connection – with life, with the growers, with community, friends and family. Everyone pitching in and doing their bit to make a great meal together, from chopping veggies and tossing salads to firing up the barbie. Squeaky Gate takes simple, honest pleasure in good food that hasn’t been mucked about with. Honest, real, and down-to-earth. That’s the character you find in a squeaky gate and that’s what you get with this olive oil.