Artichokes Hearts

Artichokes Hearts
Size 425g

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The Company IPOSEA was founded in 1927 by Messrs. Masiello as a family business and it is specialized in the processing of preserved vegetables. The production process is executed with modern and technologically advanced plants in all its phases, with the efficiency of automation and computerisation, combined with the human touch of artisanal methods and multiple manual quality checks. The quality of the products is the main objective of the organisation, targeting full satisfaction of the consumer. IPOSEA operates from a new, modern factory is located in the Industrial Zone of Cerignola in Puglia. It has 5 lines of processing plants and has processing more than 13.5 tons of vegetables every year.



Did you know?

  • Artichoke is a thistle and a member of the sunflower family
  • During the 16th century artichoke was considered to be an aphrodisiac and women were forbidden to eat them
  • Artichokes leaves can be ground up and made into tea.
  • Each IPOSEA artichoke is checked for quality and removal of hard leaves by a worker approximately 5 times at different stages of production before the lid is finally put on the jar.
  • France was the first to cultivate mushrooms in the mid 17th century. From there the practice was spread to England and made its way to the United States in the 19th century.