Balsamic Vinegar Di Modena - With Cork


Rossini Balsamic Di Modena is made from the concentrated must of grapes produced in the Emilia Romagna region maturing slowly inside a small wooden cask made from oak, chestnut, cherry and mulberry.


This product is a high-grade (known as A-grade) balsamic vinegar made from 100% grape must and aged in casks for 12 months, resulting in a relatively high density average of around 1.13.


Note: Some brands use a ‘leaf’ system for grading balsamic vinegars.  This system is graded on taste and not on specific requirements like aging, density or %cooked grape must, however for comparison, this product could be compared against a 4-leaf vinegar


What to look for in this product:

Lusciously thick and slightly sweet flavour that will add depth of flavour to a wide variety of dishes.
•An intense balsamic bouquet that leaves the palate exquisitely clean with a uniquely gentle aftertaste.


Suggested uses:

•Ideal for enhancing the flavours of roasted meat and grilled fish
•Perfect for dressing salads, using for dipping bread – accompanied with only a top quality extra virgin olive oil from Moro or Costa D’Oro
Balsamic Vinegar Di Modena - With Cork
Size 250ml
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Rossini is a renowned producer of Italian vinegar from the countryside surrounding the city of Modena.  It creates only true products of tradition according to artisanal rules, requiring time and patience to perfect their Rossini Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.


Did you know?

  • The word Balsamic comes from the word “Balsam” which means tonic. It is used to be taken as a tonic and was thought to have healing powers – pregnancy troubles, bad cough or a headache.
  • Balsamic Vinegar was often used as a royal gift, being presented to kings and queens date back to the year 1046.
  • The best balsamicos will typically set you back around $200 for 100ml
  • The measures of quality in a true Balsamic vinegar are
    • A high percentage of cooked grape must (as opposed to concentrated grape must)
    • A high density
    • An aged product
    • NOT: Sugar, thickeners, flavours