Blended Vegetable Oil

Coppa d' Oro

Coppa d’Oro vegetable oil uses only the very best Canola oil that passes strict criteria; the process involved in producing this oil is based on long-held traditions.  This oil is suitable for use at high temperatures, for example deep frying or shallow frying.




What to look for in this product:

  • Clean, light yellow colour that is free from impurities, cholesterol free and gluten free with no added preservatives (contains no BHA)
  • Natural taste   that gives your dish a cleaner flavour especially during high heat cooking
  • Kosher, Hallal and HACCP certification


Suggested uses

  • Ideal for pan-searing,  shallow frying, stir-frying and deep frying
  • Use as shortening to give pastry a crumbly texture
Blended Vegetable Oil
Size 4L

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Coppa d' Oro

Coppa d' Oro

For more than half a century the brand Coppa d’Oro has been in the Australian market being a 100% Aussie brand that is rich in history and tradition. The brand was introduced in 1960’s as a blended vegetable oil and olive oil. It was an alternative to a very expensive olive oil as during those times as the cost of olive oil was equivalent to a the average worker’s salary for three days. Soon after its introduction, the brand became a part of every Australian household.  Demand for the product soared more than expected. In those times olive oil was sold in “Latta Bianca” (White Tin) but Coppa d’Oro stood out with its Blue-Yellow can. From then on Coppa d’ Oro and its colours were synonymous with quality and affordability, although today the brand is concentrated on bringing the best Canola oil to consumers.


Did you know

  • Canola is a particular cultivar of rape-seed that was bred by scientists in Canada in the early 1970s. 
  • The name "canola" was derived from "CANadian Oil, Low Acid" in 1978