All About Green Valley Olives

All About Green Valley Olives

By Naomi Crisante

on 16th Mar 2015 11:46

Hand-picked from the olive groves of the Mediterranean region, Green Valley Olives are prized for their quality and come in a variety to suit all tastes.


Green Valley Spanish Green Olives are grown in Andalucia, Spain. They are made with the Hojiblanca olive variety and picked when they are under-ripe before being cured and pickled. They are plump and only mildly bitter and available whole, pitted or stuffed with pimiento.


Also grown in the same region of southern Spain, Green Valley Spanish Black Olives are fully ripened before being cured and marinated. These bright black beauties are available whole, pitted or sliced.


Hand picked and packed in the sunny Kalamata region of Greece, Green Valley Kalamata Olives are prized for their unique shape and flavour. When fully mature, they are cracked and cured before being marinated in red wine vinegar brine, that gives them a sophisticated flavour and slight purple-black colour.


As Green Valley Olives come in a screw top jar, they are convenient to keep on hand in the pantry and then the refrigerator once opened. Serve whole or stuffed olives slightly warmed with drinks or on an antipasto platter. Toss the pitted varieties into salads or pasta dishes and sliced olives are convenient for sprinkling onto pizza toppings, in foccacias or hors d'oeuvres. However you use them, a few olives will add a bit of Mediterranean magic to any dish!


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