All About Iposea Artichokes

All About Iposea Artichokes

By Naomi Crisante

on 01th Nov 2013 12:06


For over fifty years, the Iposea brand of preserved vegetables has been an Italian favourite that is now exported throughout the world. They are made in Cerignola in the region of Apulia in Southern Italy, where locally grown vegetables are meticulously picked and processed using traditional techniques to produce the highest quality.   


Iposea Artichokes are a great example of their quality produce. The artichoke is said to have originated in Sicily and is actually a type of thistle. The flower is harvested before it blooms and the coarse outer leaves and hairy central choke are removed to reveal the inner heart of tender leaves. They are then carefully boiled and marinated to preserve them.


There is a range of Iposea artichokes to choose from. Iposea Artichokes alla Villanella are marinated in a mixture of sunflower oil, wine vinegar and seasonings that make them tender, delicate and fragrant. Iposea Artichokes alla Campagnola have the addition of hot peppers for that extra kick and Iposea Grilled Artichokes have been lightly grilled to add some depth of flavour. The Iposea Artichokes alla Romana with Stem have the tender stem intact and have been carefully hand placed in the jar to ensure they retain their shape. They make for beautiful presentation when used on a platter.


A must on an antipasto platter, artichokes can also be used on pizzas, in salads or in sandwiches. It is true that they are a bit of an acquired taste but once you have got the taste for them, you are hooked for life!



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