Cirio Tomatoes

Cirio Tomatoes

By Naomi Crisante

on 02th Jul 2013 10:37


The humble canned tomato is a staple in most pantries but when it comes to choosing there is a vast difference in quality between brands.


This is why we love the Cirio brand of tomatoes. First made in 1856 by Francesco Cirio, Cirio tomato products are 100% Italian and always harvested and processed on the same day. Strict quality controls mean that not all the tomatoes will make the grade as only the ripest, reddest and juiciest ones are selected.


Cirio products have an outstanding rich, sweet sun-ripened tomato taste and bright red colour with no sugar, salt or water added. The legendary whole tomatoes are large and succulent and packed in a thick tomato juice, rather than a watery fluid. The diced tomatoes are even in size and again come in a rick, thick juice. Most impressive though, are the Pomodorini. These whole ripe Southern Italian cherry tomatoes in a thick sauce are perfect for adding to a dish at the last minute so you have the ultimate pleasure of them bursting in your mouth!


Cirio Passatas are made in two styles. Passata Rustica is a thick, textured sauce that adds a homestyle feel to any dish. The Passata Verace is smooth and velvety but still thick so it spreads beautifully. Both retain the rich tomato flavour that Cirio is known for.


Lastly, the Supercirio Tomato Paste is triple concentrated with a deep red colour and intensity that adds thickness and richness to a dish.


If you haven’t tried Cirio tomatoes yet, please do. You will definitely notice the difference!    


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