Rummo Gluten-Free Pasta

Rummo Gluten-Free Pasta

By David Valmorbida

on 05th Sep 2016 12:08

Long have those wanting a plate of pasta or bowl of spaghetti, but without the gluten, been confronted with lifeless, soft and bland proposals.  It is because the flavour of the wheat and the natural tenderness of the gluten that is worked through the pasta dough is very hard to replicate with anything else.


But sometimes, you have to leave things to the experts, in this case the maestri pastai in Benevento, Italy ... that is: Rummo.  Since 1846, Rummo has produced exceptional quality pasta, known for its "Lenta Lavorazione" process that produces a pasta that is always firm, always "al dente".  


Now, after several years of research and development, the "maestri" have finally cracked the secret recipe and launched a wonderful gluten-free pasta, that has the colour, flvaour and bite that you expect from a high quality Italian pasta.  Rummo have put their name and reputation to this product, and that is how you know it is good, but try serving it up without telling anyone that it is gluten-free - you might be surprised how few realise it!


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5 April 2017

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