Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto

Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto

By Naomi Crisante

on 02th Jul 2013 10:58


If you are bored with regular pesto, then you will find the flavor of Saclà Wild Rocket Pesto a delightful change.


Made with a blend of Italian wild rocket, aromatic basil, pine nuts and Grana Padano cheese, this soft green pesto has a fresh, slightly peppery flavour that adds a savoury bite to any dish.


Like all Saclà Pestos, Saclà Wild Rocket Pesto is made in Italy using the freshest ingredients that are pounded together to create a rich, thick paste that is full of flavour and no artificial ingredients.


Saclà Wild Rocket Pesto is a great choice for using with seafood. Toss it through a prawn salad, pan-fried scallops or a char-grilled fish fillet. It is also makes a delicious quick vegetarian pasta dish, tossed with cherry tomatoes and olives and can be used as a stuffing or sauce for chicken fillets.   


Always use a clean spoon when removing from the jar and once opened, make sure the pesto is level and cover with a thin layer of olive oil and keep refrigerated.


It’s easy to go a little wild with your cooking now, with Saclà Wild Rocket Pesto!


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