Sole Mare Tuna

Sole Mare Tuna

By Naomi Crisante

on 08th Jan 2014 10:05


Having a can of tuna in the pantry is often a life saver when you need to throw together a sandwich, a salad or a pasta dish, especially when you have little in the fridge. That’s why, it’s important to choose a good quality tuna.


Sole Mare tuna is yellowfin tuna packed in 100% pure olive oil with a little salt. The chunky light pink flakes of this succulent tuna stand out in comparison to other grey, shredded canned tuna brands.


Serve it simply with a few capers and lemon juice with crusty bread, toss it in a potato salad or blend with mayonnaise to form a delicious tuna sauce to serve over cold sliced veal for the famous, Vitello Tonnato and you will quickly notice the difference in flavour and texture with this high quality tuna.


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