The Rummo Range of Pasta

The Rummo Range of Pasta

By Naomi Crisante

on 05th Feb 2014 10:37


Not all pastas are equal, and in our book, the Rummo range of artisan pasta varieties from Benevento, near Naples in Italy, are second to none. For over 160 years, the Rummo family have used specially selected durum semolina and an exclusive production method to create pasta with a high protein level. When cooked according to directions, this ensures it holds its shape and is always al dente, even after being kept warm, being baked al forno or reheating. The consistent quality means that you no longer have to worry about mushy, limp pasta that doesn’t stand up to saucing. As well as the classics – spaghetti, penne and angelhair Capelline, there are many other interesting shapes to choose from that will add a little something special to your dish. Try the rippled edge ribbon pasta, Mafaldine, with a rich sugo, pan toss the old world style Calamarata with marinara, use the Farfalle in a colourful pasta salad, or stir the Sedani into a classic Carbonara sauce. With Rummo you will never be bored with a plate of pasta again!


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