Bertocchi Gold

In 1948 Modesto Bertocchi migrated to Australia with just one suitcase and a total belief that he was leaving Genoa to start a successful new life. Through persistent dedication, commitment and passion, Bertocchi Small Goods was established in 1972 and the family developed an enterprise that has today become one of Australia's leading Smallgoods manufacturers. 


Bertocchi Smallgoods have developed an extensive range of products to meet the ever-increasing demand for European delicacies. This exceptional range of superb quality products is available nationally throughout all major supermarket chains, good delicatessens, butcher shops, restaurants, and a host of other gourmet food service establishments, including exports to our neighbouring islands including New Zealand.



Their commitment to develop and improve manufacturing techniques by utilising new environmentally friendly technologies during the entire product development stage is continuing to provide the consumer with premium products, excellent presentation and most importantly, the highest of product quality.