Driven by an expertise and knowledge that goes back well over 50 year, the Condor brand has been bringing a variety of canned fish to Australians for many years. High quality standards have to be met for raw material and other ingredients, however value for money is not forgotten in this product.


For fish lovers, Condor Pink Salmon and Condor Smoked Mussels are two high quality products that can be enjoyed everyday in many ways, without destroying the wallet.



Did you know?

  • Salmon is designated under three (3) categories – as being wild, wild caught and farmed. Among the three farmed salmons are prone to parasites such as sea lice, and farming operations are potentially damaging to the local ecosystems. Over half of the salmon in supermarkets are farmed
  • All salmon die after spawning
  • Salmon can live in freshwater and in saltwater though once they enter freshwater the flesh loses flavour and colour
  • Mussels gender (raw)  is determined by its colour – a pale white meat indicates a male mussel whereas the orange colour mussel is a female
  • The mussel’s beard known as the byssus is so adhesive that it can even cling to teflon.