La Pasta di San Francesco

La Pasta di San Francesco free-range egg pasta is made in traditional Italian “village style” way, with the best durum wheat and rich beautiful free-range eggs. The custodians of La Pasta di San Francesco expertly craft this premium egg pasta in Mantova, Italy, drawing on generations of artisanal pasta-making knowledge.



Pasta craftsmen follow the traditional “pasta sfoglia” production technique that draws upon the principles of hand-made sheet pasta like nonna used to make. La Pasta di San Francesco brings the autentico Italian experience to your kitchen. Already flavoursome pasta, egg pasta is best enjoyed in a simple fashion with the best quality ingredients staying true to the “village style” of cooking.



They only uses free-range  eggs in their pasta, because they believe happy hens deliver the highest  quality eggs that give an intense richness of flavour and colour and create a light, silky texture, just like homemade pasta.