Montefiore Cheese

Montefiore cheeses are made in the time honoured traditional recipes of Italy. Products include mascarpone, bocconcini, ovoline, ricotta, fiordilatte and mozzarella. Our products have been showcased at major cheese festivals in Australia and abroad, with many of them winning awards. The cheeses feature the finest in fresh, natural ingredients. Good quality ingredients and a commitment to produce the very best have resulted in a product which has received much international acclaim.  The state of the art production plant here in Australia has the capacity to produce 105,000 litre of cheeses per week and supplies independent supermarkets, delis and restaurants all over the country.





Did you know?

Ever wonder why mozzarella is so stretchy? When cheese is young the protein structure is largely elastic, making it smooth. Mozzarella , a very young cheese, isn’t cured at all, giving it a long stretch and pleasantly chewy texture
•Wines that goes best with mozzarella are Chardonay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc