In the early 1900s, an Italian migrant Mauricio Moro left his homeland of Imperia and moved to Malaga, Spain where he built a refinery and packaging company for olive oil. By 1960 his nephew had begun exporting Moro Olive Oil to Australia where it became a well-known and trusted brand. Today, Moro is now owned by an Australian family, but still made in Spain from only the highest quality olives and has become Australia’s #1 brand of olive oil.


Immediately following harvest olives destined for Moro products are processed within 24 hours, where the fruit is squeezed until it becomes a paste. The paste is then placed between pressing mats and is subject to pressure to expel the oil. The oil is then stored in temperature-controlled and oxygen-free tanks, away from any light.


Did you know?

  • 50 years ago in Australia, you could only find olive oil for sale in a chemist
  • To produce 1 litre of olive oil you need 4-5kg of olives
  • Olive oil is high in healthy  fats and natural oxidants, which in moderation contribute to a healthy diet
  • Olive oil is technically a fruit juice rather than an oil