Pan Ducale

In 1966 Pasquale D’ Amario took the management of the theater café in the main square of Atri, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is in this café that history was made. Together with the help of his mother and wife they produce a classic cake called Pan Ducale, whose recipe dates back in the 1300s. Selling in the shop and having a huge success in this endeavour, Pasquale and his wife began to produce other sweet bread products such as the famous biscotti carrying an artisan method of baking and using only the finest grade ingredients from the local farmers.  Today, Pan Ducale is known as a well established brand of highest artisan pedigree in Italian biscuits and cakes.



Did you know?

  • Pan Ducale is the traditional cake the people of Atri offered to the Duke of Acquaviva upon arrival to the City in 1352 (‘ducale’ means duke in Italian). The duke loved this cake so much that he ordered it to be present in his table everyday and sent it as gifts to other noble families
  • The almond used in the production of Biscotti undergoes two quality inspections, mechanical and manual, to ensure no pieces of almond shell end up in the finished product.