Royal Hollandia

For more than 125 years FrieslandCampina has been involved in the production of authentic Dutch Cheeses. Although the company has changed considerably, starting out as a small business and becoming the largest cheese producer in the Netherlands, one thing has stayed the same: the Love of Cheese.



Friesland is a region in the north of the Netherlands known for its green meadows, blue skies, lakes and splendid Frisian dairy herds. Campina is a wooded region of grasslands and meadows in the south of the Netherlands, so named by the Romans more than 20 centuries ago.


Today both names – and their many brands – are known all over the globe



Did you know?

  • If an Edam cheese is coated with black paraffin wax it signifies maturity of the cheese which is more than seventeen weeks old. This Edam cheese has a crumbly texture with a stronger taste.
  • Edam cheese than has a green paraffin wax colouring  contains garlic. (Other herbs and spices may also be added)