San Marino

San Marino was born out of pure passion of an Italian migrant, Tony Marino, for that taste he missed from home.   After migrating to Australia in 1960, Tony worked as a butcher and restaurateur, but then identified a need and a place in the market for premium smallgoods that are made like those at home in Italy. He purchased into a South Australian meat and smallgoods business in 1975 and in 1984 renamed the business San Marino.


To this day, San Marino Smallgoods are prepared to the same uncompromising high standard using the original product specifications, rustic and traditional Italian techniques. Their products have received numerous awards for their quality and have become a popular choice for premium catering around Australian.  The exceptional quality and flavour of San Marino can be experienced in a wide range of Italian smallgoods, and are sure to impress your guests.


Did you know?

•Folklore about cacciatore states that hunters used to carry this small salame in their pack and eat  several pieces for sustenance during the hunt.