Yoga history begins during the post-war period, in an Italy pervaded by an energy recovery and reconstruction of the country. In 1940 the first are spread out and in 1950 the first Yoga logo. Begin to appear on the streets the first vans to the distribution and the first advertising posters in full color. The sixties are witnesses of the roots of the product in the company, so for affection and notoriety. The brand Yoga becomes exclusively synonymous with fruit juice, supported by campaigns and posters which highlight and accentuate the phenomenon testifying that "Yoga there is only one".


In the same year is redefined the logo, whose identity will remain almost constant until the times today to witness even more force and modernity of the trademark in that period. In the mid-60 's a new phenomenon of communication enters the homes of Italians: the carousel, with all its impact of novelty and popularity, cannot but be a privileged space to reaffirm the uniqueness of Yoga.





Did you know?

•Fruit nectar is the beverage group where the fruit content is between 25%-99%, according to the fruit type.
•A fruit juice is the beverage group where the fruit content is 100% and is produced without using any additives
•A fruit beverage are refreshing products which contains less than 10% fruit content and are completed with sugar and water