Egg Fettuccine

Le Mantovanelle

Fettuccine is a type of pasta popular in the Roman Cuisine. It is wide but similar to the tagliatelle typical of Bologna. A soft dough sheet, produced with skill according to the oldest tradition that creates a rich emotion and an intense pleasure, is cut into simple thin strips of egg pasta which goes perfectly with both rich ragouts or of lighter dressings.


What to look for in this product:

•Top quality ingredients give this product a taste and typical colour of homemade pasta tradition
A soft texture that melts in your mouth, but still retains bite
A rich flavour coming from the high egg content in the pasta
Consistent quality in every pasta variety 
Pasta shaped in nests that show the pasta is made from artisan ‘sfolgie’ or sheets, rather than extruded


Suggested uses:

•Often eaten with sugo d’umido (beef ragu) or ragu d’pollo
Egg Fettuccine
Size 500g

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Le Mantovanelle

Le Mantovanelle

Le Mantovanelle specializes only in Egg Pasta and over the last 60 years have built their name by improving their practises and process within this field only. They utilise carefully selected raw materials that are processed according in the artisan ‘pasta sfolgia’ method, but utilising the best of modern production and packaging technologies.


Founded in 1951 in Mantova Italy, "Pastificio Le Mantovanelle" has always been engaged in the production and offer of top quality egg pasta to its consumers. In the aim of offering top quality products, "Pastificio Le Mantovanelle" has continuously been developing its technological equipment. This brought about the construction of a brand new production facility; actually, two lines of nest production with automatic packaging and one line of short pasta production are operational in an area of 20.000 m2.The company was founded in Mantova, Italy in 1951 and since then they have specialised in the production of egg pasta only.


Did you know?

  • Maximum egg content allowed by the Australian import regulation law should be less than 20%. Le Mantovanelle Egg Pasta has an egg content of 19.4%.
  • The ‘nests’ that Le Mantovanelle pasta is presented by is a result of the production of ‘pasta sfolgia’, which means pasta made from sheets (‘sfoglia’ means sheet).  Compared to more common extruded pasta, pasta sfolgia is cut into its shapes (for example fettuccine), and the nest is naturally created as the freshly cut pasta falls on itself vertically.