El Primero Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Moro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium olive oil and Australia’s most sold olive oil.  It originates from the Andalucian region, Southern Spain which covers the provinces of Cordoba and Seville.  The region has Mediterranean climate but enjoys a 3,000 hours of sunlight a year which makes it a perfect place for excellent olive varieties such as Hojiblanca and Picual olives. The region produces ~75% of the total olive oil in Spain and about 20% of world production. 


Moro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of a number of extra virgin olive oils from different olive varieties such as Picual, Hojiblanca, Verdial, Empeltre and Arbequina.  The result is a complex, but balanced oil, that demonstrates the flavour characteristics of each variety inside (some fruity, some nutty, some peppery) such that you have a perfect olive oil for all occasions.  Look for a rich, smooth and fruity flavour with a slight hit of pepper and bitterness at the end.  Perfect for everyday use on your salad dressings, bread dipping, or to finish off cooked dishes like pasta.




What to look for in this product:

•A rich fruity flavour with a peppery finish that gives a lift to any dish.
A taste of freshness every time you buy
Consistent flavour and green-gold colour in every can or bottle
No floating sediments or waxes
Consistent quality in every can or bottle


Suggested uses:

•Ideal for salad dressing or bread dipping
•Marinades and sauces
•Meats and seafood
•Cooked vegetables and roasted potatoes
El Primero Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Size 4L

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In the early 1900s, an Italian migrant Mauricio Moro left his homeland of Imperia and moved to Malaga, Spain where he built a refinery and packaging company for olive oil. By 1960 his nephew had begun exporting Moro Olive Oil to Australia where it became a well-known and trusted brand. Today, Moro is now owned by an Australian family, but still made in Spain from only the highest quality olives and has become Australia’s #1 brand of olive oil.


Immediately following harvest olives destined for Moro products are processed within 24 hours, where the fruit is squeezed until it becomes a paste. The paste is then placed between pressing mats and is subject to pressure to expel the oil. The oil is then stored in temperature-controlled and oxygen-free tanks, away from any light.


Did you know?

  • 50 years ago in Australia, you could only find olive oil for sale in a chemist
  • To produce 1 litre of olive oil you need 4-5kg of olives
  • Olive oil is high in healthy  fats and natural oxidants, which in moderation contribute to a healthy diet
  • Olive oil is technically a fruit juice rather than an oil