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A popular alternative to pasta is gnocchi which is actually the common ancestor to many different dumplings found throughout Europe.  The name ‘gnoccho’ (the singular form of gnocchi; one gnoccho, two gnocchi) derives either from the Italian ‘nocchio’ meaning a knot in wood, or ‘nocca’ meaning knuckle. The Roman Legions introduced gnocchi to Europe as the empire expanded across the continent, although the introduction of potato into gnocchi didn’t occur until the humble potato was brought back from the Americas in the 16th century.  These are eaten as primi piatti alternative to soup or pasta.



Val Verde offers high quality gnocchi made in Italy using traditional recipes with a generous potato content giving them a plump texture that makes it soft and flavoursome.




What to look for in this product:

•A potato content of 60%
•Consistently soft, fluffy and light texture that melts in your mouth





Suggested uses:

•Served served best with rich tomato-based sauces made with Cirio tomatoes or simply stir through any one of the many flavoursome Saclà pestos
•For a quick fix saute garlic in butter and pour it over the gnocchi
•OR just simply drizzle with one of our great olive oils and sprinkle liberally with freshly grated Zanetti Parmigiano Reggiano
Size 500g

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Val Verde

Val Verde

Val Verde is Australia’s leading brand for Italian tomato products such as canned tomatoes and passata sauces.  The name ‘Val Verde’ literally means ‘Green Valley’, and indeed the brand is related in creation to the well-known brand of olives “Green Valley”. Well-known by consumers and chefs alike, Val Verde’s reputation has grown on a dedication to bringing the best of what Europe, specifically Italy has to offer in multiple product groups. 



The Val Verde brand is a 100% Australian owned brand steeped in European heritage and artisan tradition, combining and a mentality of great quality at everyday value prices.  Most famous for tomato products, Val Verde has also partnered with producers to offer a wider range of products, including canned legumes, grissini (Italian breadsticks) and gnocchi, retaining with these additional products an uncompromising  stance on top quality and taste.



Did you know?

  • Beans have a well-deserved reputation of being the musical fruit unless you eat them regularly. The more often you eat beans, the less gas you’ll have
  • In Tuscany, a Ricotta Gnocchi with Spinach is called Strozzapreti which translates to “priest-stranglers”. Apparently, a priest choked to death after eating the dish too quickly because it was so wonderful
  • It is believed that Grissini were invented to prevent spread of disease. Around 1675, the young Duke Vittorio Amadeo di Savoia was so sick he couldn’t keep anything down so Carlo Emanuele II asked a baker from Turin, Antonio Brunero, to create something that the young duke could digest. The request was for something ‘long, light and subtle’. From his ovens, Antonio produced a thin crispy breadstick called ‘Ghersino’, a smaller version of ‘Ghersa’, which was a long thin bread. The young Duke ate the breadsticks until he recovered from his illness, thus saving the monarchy and also initiating a new food sensation to the country