Kalamata Olives

Green Valley

Green Valley Kalamata olives are individually hand-picked and packed in sunny regions of Greece that are renowned worldwide as one of the most distinguished producers of olives. The excellent climate in the this region gives Green Valley Olives their unique  flavour and texture.  Green Valley selects only olives of the finest quality prepared in the tradition that has taken centuries to perfect.



Kalamata olives are olives from the Kalamata region in Greece. These olives are known for their distinctive taste and appearance because of their curing process – the olives are cracked then cured in a red-wine vinegar brine that gives this olives an almost wine-line flavour. Kalamata Olives are sometimes credited with being one of the cornerstones of the health-bestowing Mediterranean diet.



What to look for in this product:

Silky smooth rich texture with a rich, sweet flavour
High quality, colour rich, unbruised fruit, unlike many brands that offer pale, bruised fruit and rely on dark brine to disguise the contents of the jar on the shelf
Firm texture that is consistent across every jar


Suggested uses:

•Perfect to serve in small bowls and top with a garnish with chilli, roasted garlic, fried sage leaves or bay leaves
•Add flavour to your casseroles and stews by de-pipping, chopping and adding them to other ingredients before cooking
•A favourite gourmet olive to add to your pizza
Kalamata Olives
Size 350g

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Green Valley

Green Valley

For more than 25 years, Green Valley has been one of Australia’s leading brands for jarred olives, presenting high quality products from around the world.  The current range is particularly focused on Greek and Spanish olives, but is provided with a variety of formats and fillings. Well-known by consumers and chefs alike, Green Valley’s reputation has grown on a dedication to bringing the best of what the world has to offer in olives at a price that everyone can enjoy. 



The Green Valley brand is a 100% Australian owned brand that is steeped in European heritage and artisan tradition. A mentality of great quality at everyday value prices has driven the success of this brand, which has partnered with multiple producers to ensure a constant flow of innovative and new products.  Currently Green Valley partners with producers in the region of Kalamata, South of Greece and in Andalucía, South of Spain. These are the regions known to the world as producers of  the best quality of Kalamata Olives and Spanish Olives respectively. Together with strict quality control and operations from harvesting to curing, the Green Valley name is synonymous to Olives.



Did you know?

  • Olive trees thrive in climate with mild winters and hot summers. It cannot tolerate a temperature of less than minus 5 degrees Celsius. They are drought tolerant
  • An olive tree may live up to 1,500 years. The oldest olive tree in the world is on the island of Crete which is over 5,000 years old and still producing fruit.
  • Olive fruits are not edible and must be treated with lye, and/or cured in brine or dry salt  before being edible.