Paccheri Rigate No150


Paccheri Rigate pasta is a large, hollow, tube-shaped type of pasta. Most importantly, this variety of Rummo is part of the “Le Leggendarie” range which are artisan-method bronze-extruded pastas. Bronze extrusion gives the pasta a rough and porous surface that allows it to hold sauce better. The word ‘rigate’ refers to the ridges on its body that allow it to absorb more sauce as well as offering an alternative textural option for certain dishes (as compared to pasta ‘lisce’ or smooth pasta). This shape is similar to Rigatoni but with a much larger diameter (almost like a mini cannelloni). Having a ridge and being bronze extruded this pasta is ideal for thick sauces. The sturdy shape will hold up well under chunky meat and vegetable sauces.



What to look for in this product:

•A high protein level content that makes it always ‘al-dente’
Richer, more body high quality pasta that offers resistance to the bite
Resistance to being slightly overcooked without becoming mushy
•A firm, chewy texture, al dente pasta without being dry or breaking
Consistent quality in every pasta variety 
Rough and porous surface texture resulting from artisanal bronze extrusion that embraces the sauce like a lover  returning from a long trip



Suggested uses:

•Perfect for lasagna-style dish with ricotta cheese filling
•A favourite with a napolitana sauce or ragù
•Maybe served as first course or primi piatti with vegetables topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese
Paccheri Rigate No150
Size 500g

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In 1846, Antonio Rummo was focused on the ancient art of growing and harvesting grain,  producing the best quality durum wheat semolina using the pure waters from the green hills of Sannio in the town of Benevento.  He used his wheat and the waters of Sannio to begin masterfully producing a top quality pasta.  Since this time, Rummo pasta has been created using the same slow kneading time thus giving it with extraordinary taste, crisp and it does not release starches. Today Rummo brings to the table 160 years of passion for pasta. 



Rummo, a leading Italian brand of quality with the guarantees of 7 international certifications, offers a wide range of pasta shapes (over one hundred and forty of dry, organic, whole, egg, vitamin, flavors) for Retail and Food Service channels. Rummo Pasta is made through an exclusive and certified method called Lenta Lavorazione (slow processing) this unique method together with modern technology allows the pasta maintain the high protein content and other important qualities of superior durum wheat semolina.  This ensures Rummo to have a protein content of 14.5%  which is higher than the average pasta in the market.



 Did you know?

  • Rummo is “the only pasta” that has been awarded by seal of approval by the Italian Association of Chefs because of its high quality.
  • The quality of pasta will be known by the high level of its protein content which is indicated on the pasta packaging. Rummo has 14.5% protein. Having high protein content helps ensure the pasta is always “Al dente”, tough and resistant to chewing.
  • The average person in Italy eats more than 51 lbs of pasta a year.
  • Approximately 2.75million tons of pasta are made in Italy every year.