Polenta Instant


Polenta is a cornmeal mush or porridge that originated in Northern Italy as peasant food. Though most typically made with coarse yellow cornmeal, polenta can also be made from finely ground yellow or white cornmeal. 



Ferrero Polenta is a traditional fine-grind yellow polenta.  It is made from prime corn, pre-cooked and vacuum packed for perfect conservation.





What to look for in this product:

•Yellow, rustic texture that is hearty and full of flavours that lends itself as perfect accompaniment to traditional ragu or savoury braise
High quality unique taste polenta that is versatile and comes from high quality production standards


Suggested uses:

•A traditional partner to the famous Osso Buco
•Use it as the base for vegetarian main dish topped with sauce or a hearty vegetable ragout
•Add Moro Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a little bit of nutmeg and cover with grated Zanetti  Parmegiano Regiano cheese. Cook au gratin.
Polenta Instant
Size 500g

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In 1907 Jean-Baptiste and Anaïs Ferrero settled in Algiers and assembled a workshop of couscous. The wheat semolina was then rolled by hand and cooked in couscoussiers. Settled down in Provence since 1953, Ferrero adapted this know-how and has selected for you best durum wheats. As Ferrero feels concerned to let you discover new ways of consumption and simple daily meals, it  developed a range of products including high-quality polenta in order to satisfy all of customers’  desires.


Did you know?

•Couscous is often referred to as a grain but is actually a pasta. Like grains, such as rice, it tends to take on the flavour of whatever sauce or other ingredients it is prepared with
 •Symbolising good luck, blessing and abundance according to North African tradition, couscous is prepared to celebrate a house warming or a holiday
 •In Northern Italy polenta is more popular than pasta
 •In early years, polenta was made from grain usually a millet or spelt and not from corn until the 1600.