Rooibos Chai


Herbal "teasan" is the term use to describe plants that are prepared like tea, but are made from plants other than the camellia sinensis. Numi works directly with farmers to provide 100% organic herbs, fruits and flowers from around the world for our line of traditional teasans. Naturally caffeine free, these can be enjoyed at any time of day for a burst of flavor, reviving treat or a relaxing moment.




What to look for in this product:

Deep, earthy vanilla taste that is rich in antioxidants that is calming and refreshing.
• Warming spices 100% natural ingredients with light fresh finish pefect for all day and night refreshment
The Numi Difference:  
•The first Caffeine-Free Chai blend on the US Market
•Whole spices are imported, and then cut at the time of blending for best taste
•Exceptional variety of Organic ingredients - no flavors or oils
Rooibos Chai
Size 18 tea bags per pack

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Numi Tea was founded by brother and sister Ahmed and Reem Rahim. The family named their company Numi after the Middle Eastern dried lime teasan that they drank as children in Iraq. Traditionally harvested and dried in the hot desert sun, this rare dried lime is steeped in hot water and has been enjoyed as a tea for centuries (Numi in Arabic means citrus).



The alchemist and the artist combined their passion and knowledge to create a tea that is organic, super-premium and fair trade certified teas and herbal teasans made with 100% real ingredients. Ahmed’s love for tea has shown him helped create and established several tea houses in Prague and building his farm outside the city. Ahmed’s experience and passion in blending teas has enabled him to develop more distinctive product line for Numi. Sister Reem is an artist that oversees Numi’s brand identity. She shares with her brother a passion for all aspects of tea, including its history and cultivation, and routinely leads tea tastings and pairings.




Did you know?

•Used  dry green tea leaves is said to clean up musty dirty carpets. Sprinkle used dry leaves and vacuum it up after 10 minutes.
•The key in green tea processing is to prevent the process of fermentation which is the reverse of black tea process. After harvest the leaves are steam or pan fried as soon as possible thus retaining the colour, hence the name green tea
•Puerh tea was the favourite tea of the famous Kublai Khan and his army as they travelled through China
•Do not throw your used tea. Instead, after brewing a pot of tea, use the leaves for fertilizer in your garden to improve condition of the soil
•Until the 19th century solid block of teas were used as money in Siberia
•There is not a drop of tea in Long Island Iced Tea.