Smoked Cheese (cut portions)

Royal Hollandia

Smoked Gouda is a type of semi-hard cheese that originated in Holland. The cheese gets its smoky flavouring from shavings or chips from hickory trees. The cheese is yellow in color and often has small holes in it. It has a dark-colored, smoky rind that can be eaten as well.



What to look for in this product:

•Deliciously strong taste that is the result of a traditional natural smoking process.
Sausage shaped cheese for easy slicing that has a creamy texture

Suggested uses:

•Can be used in cheese based sauces such as alfredo sauce.
•Accompanies pasta dishes that contain bacon, ham or other smoked meats
•Also for pizza toppings
Smoked Cheese (cut portions)
Size weight range: 420-480g
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Royal Hollandia

Royal Hollandia

For more than 125 years FrieslandCampina has been involved in the production of authentic Dutch Cheeses. Although the company has changed considerably, starting out as a small business and becoming the largest cheese producer in the Netherlands, one thing has stayed the same: the Love of Cheese.



Friesland is a region in the north of the Netherlands known for its green meadows, blue skies, lakes and splendid Frisian dairy herds. Campina is a wooded region of grasslands and meadows in the south of the Netherlands, so named by the Romans more than 20 centuries ago.


Today both names – and their many brands – are known all over the globe



Did you know?

  • If an Edam cheese is coated with black paraffin wax it signifies maturity of the cheese which is more than seventeen weeks old. This Edam cheese has a crumbly texture with a stronger taste.
  • Edam cheese than has a green paraffin wax colouring  contains garlic. (Other herbs and spices may also be added)