Smoked Scarmoza

That's Amore Cheese

Scamorza is stretched curd cheese, in which the fresh curd matures in its own whey for several hours to allow acidity to develop by the process of lactose being converted to lactic acid. Artisanal cheesemakers generally form the cheese into a round shape, and then tie a string around the mass one third of the distance from the top, and hang to dry. The resulting shape is pear-like. When smoked, the color is almond with a lighter interior.


What to look for in this product:

•Smoked with nice gold colour that brings out the typica italian flavour
•Subtle, smoky flavour with a sweet, light caramel note

Suggested uses:
•Because of its  excellent melting qualities this cheese is best for flavour baking dishes, for griddling or topped with prosciutto for extra zest
•A good substitute for mozzarella when making pizza or panzerotto
Smoked Scarmoza
Size 250g
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That's Amore Cheese

That's Amore Cheese

In 2004 Giorgio Linguanti arrived on the shores of Port Phillip Bay and got a job in a cheese factory where his interest and passion for making cheese ignited. After his experience in two different cheese factories  this young Sicilian open his own cheese shop with just one product – bocconcini leaf, which was a huge hit with the Italian Restaurants. Before long he was also making burrata and smoked scarmorza. Chef’s admired his artisan skills in handmade cheeses and were very excited by his products. Giorgio’s business grew rapidly and in 2010 he opened his new shop, ‘La Latteria Mozzarella Laboratory’. The fresh milk and curd is sent every morning from his Donnybrook farm and his cheese is made everyday in the shop. Giorgio’s cheese laboratory allows him to experiment with new products so that there is always something new to offer.