Sun Dried Tomato


Real Italian feasts begin with a tempting selection of “Antipasti” – quite literally meaning “before the meal”. This custom began in Rome and dates from Renaissance times. Saclà brings you a classic range of intensely flavoured vegetables delicately dressed in seasoned oil. Perfect as a starter with cold meats or chees and great as an ingredient.


To make Saclà Sun Dried Tomatoes is not a matter of mass-production. Carefully selected, voluptuous vine-ripened tomatoes dry in the warm Italian sunshine at their leisure before fragrant oregano and a coating of light sunflower oil is added. These tomatoes get on with everyone and everything.


What to look for in this product:

•Quartered slices of rehydrated sundried real Italian red tomatoes that excites your mouth
•An appetising burst of  Mediterranean flavours
•Fabulously shiny, rich, soft with slightly sweet taste
Consistent top quality every time you purchase
•A taste of artisan Italian antipasto in every jar


Suggested uses:

•Serve as antipasti straight from the jar
•Snip it casseroles, stew or bolognese
•Top off your favourite pizza or focaccia
Sun Dried Tomato
Size 280g

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In 1923 businessman Signor Secondo Ercole established SALPA (Stabilimento Astese Lavorazione Prodotti Alimentari) in the region of Piedmont, Northwest of Italy. His aim was to bring the fresh produce of the region to the world by preserving it in cans and jars.  In 1939 the corporate name changed to SACLÀ which stands for Societŏ Anonima Commercio e Lavorazione Alimentari. From early beginnings packing vegetables into cans, Saclà extended its range of products and soon flourished as one of Italy's most progressive food companies.  After more than 80 years Saclà has earned a reputation for being the forefront of authentic Italian fine food with product ranging from pickled vegetables, antipasti, and sauces for pasta.  Saclà is still a family owned company.



Did you know?

  • Saclà was a pioneer in the  use of “twist-off” jar closure for food
  • Saclà was a pioneer in TV food advertising in Italy with its first TV commercial on olives made in 1969
  • Saclà is available in 32 countries in 6 out of 7 continents