Latteria Soresina

Some refer to Provolone as Italy's national cheese. Like mozzarella, Provolone which is made from unpasteurized milk is a pasta filata cheese, meaning that it is produced by stretching fresh curds into a taffy-like consistency.  But unlike mozzarella where the cheese is sold and served fresh, for Provolone, the stretched curd is molded into a pear or torpedo shape, then tied with rope and hung in an aging cave for 3 to 12 months. Provolone Cheese is bathed in brine before applying its wax or plastic rind, tying with rope and hanging in the aging cellar


Latteria Soresina Provolone is a true Italian provolone. It is carefully inspected brushed and graded and rejected unless it meets strict standards. Provolone Topolino (topolino means ‘little mouse’) is even milder than the Dolce as it is aged for a very short period of time, less than 3 months.  This makes it even creamier and retains more taste of natural milk. This prized cheese is ideal as a cooking ingredient, especially on pizza, melted on meat, or sliced in toasted sandwiches..




What to look for in this product:

Small log shape size that is handy when you don’t want huge pieces or when you want to slice cute little coin shapes
•Creamiest, milkiest flavour you can get from a Provolone



Suggested uses:

•Serve with Italian Salamis, peppers, olives, nuts, pears, figs, and wedges for an easy elegant appetiser
•Slice the log into big coins and watch the kids enjoy a healthy piece of cheese…or drizzle the coins with Moro Hojiblance olive oil, salt and pepper and some fresh herbs for a more sophisticated plate
•Melts like a dream on … well … anything
•Best to pair with young wines such as Sauvignon blanc, Novello, Beaujolais or Barbera
Size 270g
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Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina (literally meaning “Soresina Milkery”) is one of the few Italian milk/dairy companies that can boast a tradition that is over a hundred years old. Founded on February 5th 1900 as a cooperative, for over a century it has been able to maintain the original spirit and characteristics that inspired its founding members. 


The mantra of Latteria Soresina is to excel in producing milk/dairy products while maintaining close ties to the farmers of the region. Over a century of experience goes into creating quality products, utilising knowledge and techniques accumulated and consistently improved.  Just as honest produce is the foundation of the company’s tradition, the quality of the milk is the foundation of their cheeses.


Latteria Soresina is one of Italy’s largest producers of parmesan cheese, butter and milk, however is particularly well known for their range of amazing Provolone cheeses.  Carefully produced according to artisan techniques the dairy masters at Latteria Soresina craft provolone cheeses of various maturity, producing creamy textures and nutty flavours that are unrivalled by other producers.


Did you know?

  • Chilled cheeses should be taken out of the refrigerator one and a half or two hours before serving to bring out its natural oil
  • Consuming cheese after a meal is purported to reduce the risk of tooth decay