Flour 00


Soft Wheat Flour “00” is a multi purpose flour. Easy to work and versatile enough to support different usages in your kitchen, for example bread making, scones, flat bread and pizza bases.




Why Polselli Flour?

Superior quality

• Selection of finest grains

• High protein level

• Low moisture content

• High water absorption for best yield

• Low ash content

• High degree of whiteness

• No GMO

• No added enzymes, gluten or additives

• Fine grind flour ideal for pizza Neapolitan dough

Flour 00
Size 1kg

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From a small artisan business, Polselli today is a protagonist in the milling industry in Italy and a leader in the production of flour for bread, pizza and desserts.


Run almost a century by the entrepreneurial experience of a family that today has reached the third generation. Polselli produces over 20 different blends and is exported to more than 30 different countries around the world.