Pumpernickel Squares

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Pumpernickel is a special dark German bread made of coarsely ground rye and water. Unlike with other rye bread, no sourdough is added. It is often made with a combination of rye flour and whole rye berries. At one time it was traditional peasant fare, but largely during the 20th century various forms became popular through delicatessens and supermarkets.



WEPU Pumpernickel is based on recipes passed down from generation to generation. Its traditional recipe plus its modern process technology ensures a perfect pumpernickel taste that has no added preservatives.



What to look for in this product:

•Unmistakable dark colour with malt sweetness characteristics
•Dense with  slightly sour taste that has no preservatives and perfect for snacks


Suggested uses:

•For appetizers, top small squares of pumpernickel bread with cream cheese, sliced onion, and tomato.
•Serve a slice of pumpernickel as a hearty, satisfying accompaniment to soup or chili instead of crackers.
•Mustard goes well with pumpernickel, so spread this Magic food (actually, the vinegar in mustard is the magic ingredient) on your next ham and Swiss sandwich on pumpernickel
Pumpernickel Squares
Size 500g

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Wepu - BROT

Wepu - BROT