Tuna In Springwater

Sole Mare

Sole Mare Tuna is all about bringing you one of the healthiest ingredients of a Mediterranean diet: fish.  Open a can and expect to only see big chunks of delicate, sweet and juicy pink tuna meat. 



Sole Mare Tuna in Springwater is tuna for the more careful consumer who would like to get the excellent source of energy/protein and omega 3 from the tuna, but wants to avoid oil.   This makes it a less heavy meal, containing less fats, but also more directly focused on the taste of the fish itself.




What to look for in this product:

•Great tasting succulent Mediterranean chunky style light tuna meat (75-81% depending on can size) that is meatier and tender, not shredded  tuna like other cans
Juicy, pink, flavoursome flesh, unlike the grey and dusty-flavoured tuna coming out of many mass-market brands



Suggested uses:

•Perfect for sandwiches or salads when you don’t want your tuna to be oily
•Great for making your own tuna sushi rolls
•Use in your favourite pasta sauce, tuna mornay or fish stew
•Try whizzing this up with your favourite ingredients for a fresh tuna dip
Tuna In Springwater
Size 185g

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Sole Mare

Sole Mare

For more than 20 years, Sole Mare has been one of Australia’s leading brands of canned tuna, presenting high quality products in the Mediterranean tradition but with the advanced production technology and exciting product innovation from the world-leading experts of quality canned tuna in Thailand.  The core range of tuna products is based on traditional Mediterranean recipes, using only the highest quality olive oil in the oil-based varieties, however Sole Mare importantly pioneered the meal-in-a-can concept for tuna in Australia, focusing on combining great tuna with satisfying chunks of real, natural ingredients like beans, capsicums, peas, pasta, rice and so on.



The Sole Mare brand is a 100% Australian owned brand that is steeped in European heritage and artisan tradition. While using only tuna that produces a juicy, pink flesh in the can, Sole Mare demonstrates care with its selection of suppliers, ensuring that it’s catch species and catch area are known, that the catch is certified dolphin safe, and that there is little wastage at the source of production. Sole Mare tuna is ideal for those who love genuine flavours and are not prepared to accept compromise in terms of quality. We believe it is Australia’s best dressed tuna.



Did you know?

  • The world record for the most expensive tuna sold is a Bluefin tuna that net a price of £475,234 (US$736,000)
  • Tuna needs to move a body length per second in order to process oxygen to survive
  • Tuna physical composition is determined by spreading and pressing the meat in a ½ inch mesh screen. If more than 50% didn’t pass through the mesh it qualify as chunk style. If more than 50% pass through the mesh it is considered as flake style. If all tuna meat goes through the mesh its grated or shredded style