Anchovies In Olive Oil


Raving about a delicious Italian meal but cant quite figure out what created that magnificent flavour? More often than not the mysterious ingredient that made the meal so memorable was anchovies. These small fish pack a huge punch in flavour and act as a backbone to many Italian recipes.



Castrovinci anchovies are authentic Italian anchovies. They are fished out of Sicilian waters, and carry a well-known, distinct taste and delicate texture.   This style of anchovy product is most known for its saltiness, which makes it a perfect cooking ingredient, and of course the classic topping on a pizza.




What to look for in this product:

Rosy-colored, and ripe anchovy fillet that is standing up ‘at attention’, ready for you to pluck and free each one from the confines of the jar.
Succulent and delicate fish meat manually deboned and carefully packed in the jar
Intense flavour in gentle Olive oil to enhance the sweetness.


Suggested uses:

•Use in a salad, in a vinaigrette, with pasta, or eat it alone with merely a slice of a baguette
•No pizza is complete without the famous anchovy.  Spread over on top of your pizza together with your favourite toppings
•Anchovy is often a secret ingredient to add a more complex flavour to simple pasta sauces including ‘puttanesca’ or ‘aglio olio’
Anchovies In Olive Oil
Size 75g
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In a coastal town of Sicily, Basilio Castrovinci settled in the 1970s and founded a family-run company that today captures in jars some of the best anchovies in the world following artisan style, producing  a premium range of products from the locally caught fish, renowned for their quality, freshness and authentic taste.


The anchovies in Castrovinci products are selected by hand right off the boat and processed immediately using traditional methods to preserve their freshness and flavour. Only quality local ingredients are added, such as Sicilian sea salt for curing and traditional sunflower oil for preservation. The resulting flavour and texture is one true to Sicily and the Mediterranean islands.


Did you know?

  • Anchovies are rich in omega-3 oil and contain calcium, iron, and phosphorous. They also are a source of niacin which is said to help with DNA repair and selenium which is said to help cell function
  • Anchovy is the one of the main ingredients in making the classic Worchester sauce (tamarind is the other one).