Herrings in Mustard Sauce

Rügen Krone

Being a good source of Omega 3 acid, a valuable dietary supplement, Herring are known to not store mercury and other toxins in their bodies in the way some species of fish do. This makes them a popular choice by health conscious consumers who want to avoid health problems associated with eating fish. But these facts aside, they are simply exquisite and delicious.


Rügen-Krone Herrings will bring back wonderful memories of those special lunches you used to enjoy with your family. Caught in the coast of Baltic sea in the island of Rügen, Rügen-Krone Herrings fillets in mustard sauce are flavourful fish, skinned, boned and smothered in a mustard sauce. Only carefully selected fish and fine ingredients goes into these quality fish cans making it a delicious and hand snack



What to look for in this product:

Great tasting succulent, thick, firm-texture Herring Fillets (60%) that is meatier and tender not shredded
Creamy yellow mustard sauce with a balance of sweet and spicy flavour that will surely steam your appetite


Suggested uses:

•Use to make tasty appetisers
•Enjoy it straight from can or reheated to your liking
Herrings in Mustard Sauce
Size 200g

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Rügen Krone

Rügen Krone

For more than 70 years RügenFisch AG has engaged in processing, packaging, and supplying high quality fish in Germany and internationally. Rügen-Krone is a German brand in particular specialised in high-quality herrings, rich in tradition and producing excellent products with the latest technology. Using only the best part of the fish, fillets of herring, their products offer something unique and artisanal.





Did you know?

•A German New Year’s tradition is to eat herring at the stroke of midnight to bring good luck for the new year
•The Baltic Herring is Estonia’s national fish as it is a traditional staple of the Estonian diet
•The term “kippers” refer to herring that is split, dressed, salted and smoked