Aranciata Rossa

San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino’s stylish and colourful Sparkling Fruit Beverages convey a sense of joy, spontaneity and colour.  The Sparkling Fruit Beverages, with their strong feel of genuineness, belong to a lively atmosphere. The recipe still respect the Italian old tradition of “spremuta” (literally squeezed juice), with no added preservatives; made with sparkling mineral water with naturally occurring (non-synthetic) CO2 gas, is rich in real juices with a reduced sugar content. The balance between delicate bubbles and flavour gives them their unmistakable taste. Today as in the past, the finest oranges and lemons are selected, ripened in the sun of the vast groves of Southern Italy and then picked by hand, at specific harvest time.




What to look for in this product:

Tangy but sweet that is cool and refreshing with no added preservatives
•Sparkling Sicilian blood oranges with 100% natural flavours with a distinctive touch


Serving Tips:

•Best served with a slice of orange
•It is best to use a glass with double thickness so that, once the drink has been cooled, it may maintain a low temperature.
•Suggested serving Temperatures:
•In hot weather, 6-8°C (42-46°F)
•In cold weather, 8-10°C (46-50°F)
Aranciata Rossa
Size 6x200ml

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San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino

Since 1899, for more than a century, San Pellegrino Group has been a well-established name throughout the world, synonymous with the highest quality in mineral water and carbonated beverages. Distributed in over 120 countries in all five continents, all its products - from non-alcoholic aperitifs to soft drinks - represent quality excellence, especially its extraordinary mineral waters.



By virtue of their origins, a strong relationship with Italy, its culture and its traditions, San Pellegrino perfectly interpret Italian style as a synthesis of conviviality, well-being and fine dining. This luxury mineral water comes from a thermal spring at the bottom of a dolomite mountain wall in the Italian Alps. San Pellegrino's sources are three deep springs which emerge at 22 degrees C. The waters come from an aquifer 1,300 feet below the surface, where limestone and volcanic rocks impart unique minerals and trace elements. San Pellegrino’s water is mineralized through contact with the rocks and is heated by geothermal gradient until reaching the spring,



Did you know?

  • The town of San Pellegrino in the mountains north of Milan was first made famous by quenching the thirst of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Joseph Priestly invented the sparkling water during the 18th century though never gained any monetary reward
  • Arranciata was the first sparkling fruit beverages offered by San Pellegrino in 1932
  • San Pellegrino club shaped glass bottle known as ‘Clavetta” is iconic as for 80 years it hasn’t been change. The surface resembles the peel of citrus fruit both to the touch and sight. The paper label reflects the naturalness of the product.