About Us

What Inspires Us

Our family has more than 60 years of experience in high quality, gourmet foods.  We live and breathe food every day and pride ourselves on finding the best products without paying unreasonable prices.  In Australia, we are blessed with diversity of great food from around the world and in the last 50 years our at-home cooking has become more passionate and sophisticated.  Unfortunately, high quality European foods are often difficult to find and therefore often too expensive for everyday use. 


We have created Deli2Home to answer consumer calls for easy, affordable access to higher quality and more innovative European products than those usually offered in Australia’s large supermarkets.  Our goal is to provide consumers with some of the high-quality favourites, but to provide a wider range of variety within brands that we have carefully selected as the best in their field.  Our satisfaction is to share with you the opportunity to enjoy premium European foods everyday thanks to fair value prices and the convenience of home delivery.


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Our “Virtual Kitchen” Website

The Deli2Home website is designed to offer much more than provide a simple product listing for purchase online. Instead, each product is brought to life through vivid photographs of the actual product (out of its packaging), descriptive stories about the brand, the product history, taste and usage.  As opposed to a traditional deli store (or supermarket), where products are simply placed on a shelf above a small name tag, deli2home.com is well-suited to inspire and educate consumers about the merits of its products, to help you understand why we have chosen to propose one brand and not another.  


Our goal is for you to know not just what you are buying, but why you are buying it and how it is better than others.  


Whether shopping to stock up your kitchen/pantry, preparing for a party or buying a friend of family member a unique gift, deli2home.com is a destination that offers a terrific line of gourmet products that can be reached from the comfort of your home or office.


An Offer Too Good To Refuse

With over 60 years of experience in European gourmet food, we would like to share our expertise with you with and provide you the best foods Europe has to offer. We simply offer you

  • Specialty European food products at prices you can afford
  • Innovative and quality products that you can’t seem to find in your supermarket
  • A new online experience where you will be inspired and discover more about the gourmet products you are buying
  • Delivery Melbourne-wide, 5 days per week
  • Optional membership, for exclusive offers and an enhanced shopping experience
  • No heavy bags to carry, no parking, no crowds, no queuing….


It’s simply: Click It, Cook It, Love It. 


Tell Us

Deli2home.com was designed with the consumer in mind. The goal was to make shopping at deli2home.com.  convenient, fun and educational. We fully recognize that each purchase made at deli2home.com is a new opportunity for us to earn the trust and loyalty of our valued customers and we welcome your feedback at any time to improve our offering and service.